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What makes a good story?

For some, it’s the grammatical construct of personality-driven paragraphs seeking to highlight contemporary values of a specific sub-culture. For others, it might be the sheer quantity of adjectives used to describe a scene before the reluctant eventuality of moving the storyline forward. Here at TaleBlade Press, we try to measure the quality of a story by its entertainment and excitement value to those members of society who make the most sincere critics. Members who aren’t generally interested in pushing an agenda, selling an idea or making a name – Children.

C.S Lewis once wrote ‘a children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.’ We think the reverse is also true. At the end of the day, a good story is a good story!

It is for this reason that our focus remains on books that inspire children, middle-graders and teenagers. Of course this is in no way meant to invalidate the value of books written for other age-groups. It is perhaps a reflection of our changing desires as we grow up, to seek out books that assist our understanding of the systems around us, or satisfy our much more sensible curiosities. However we still believe that for most of us, the memorable tales that we reflect upon in the quiet moments of our life – or that we gleefully return to when sharing a story with others – remain the beautiful fairy tales and inspiring narratives we read in our younger days. These are the true legends of the literary world.

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TaleBlade Books - Beasts of Iron

The Day That A Ran Away

by B.C.R. Fegan


Master Jet has forgotten to complete his homework… or has he? Jet’s teacher is surprised to find that instead of the alphabet, his page is completely blank. Jet tries to explain that it really isn’t his fault. After all, how can he help it, if none of his letters want to stay on the page!

TaleBlade Books - Don't Ever Look Behind Door 32

Don’t Ever Look Behind Door 32

by B.C.R. Fegan


The magical Hotel of Hoo is a mysterious place with some very unusual occupants. As our guests explore the strange hotel, they are invited to experience everything it has to offer with just one warning… don’t ever look behind door 32.

This imaginative picture book aims to take children beyond the first ten cardinal numbers, and introduces them to the patterns of counting in a fun and accessible way. With rooms to explore and unique objects to count, children will enjoy lingering on each page as they make their way closer to the forbidden door.

Titch the Itch

by B.C.R. Fegan


Titch is an itch who just wants to be wanted.

When Titch discovers that no one in his family wants him, he sets off on a journey to find someone – anyone – who would be willing to live with an itch. With every step he grows less hopeful. That is, until he meets an old friend.

Sometimes in life we come up against big problems. At other times, they are only Titch problems. Titch the Itch gently explores the idea that living with small problems is a reality of life. Whether we sustain an injury, lose our homework or have an itch that just won’t scratch, not all problems can be fixed right away. But that’s okay – because sometimes these problems just want to be friends.

TaleBlade Books - Henry and the Hidden Treasure

Henry and the Hidden Treasure

by B.C.R. Fegan


‘Henry and the Hidden Treasure’ is an imaginative adventure a young child has in defending his pocket money against his little sister. Henry constructs elaborate defensive measures that he is sure will stand up to the clever ambitions of Lucy. Little does he know, Lucy has a few tricks of her own.

With a focus on introducing children to the use of ordinal numbers, ‘Henry and the Hidden Treasure’ also draws out some important qualities of being a kid – such as creativity, the value of listening to parental advice, and of course, being nice to your sister.

TaleBlade Books - The Grumpface

The Grumpface

by B.C.R. Fegan


‘The Grumpface’ is a tale in the spirit of any grand adventure. It is about a clumsy young inventor’s quest for love, and the challenges he must face to find it. But it is also a tale of bravery, absurdity and happiness, and the power of these qualities over negativity and sheer grumpiness.

Every parent will be acquainted with their own little ‘grumpface’ now and then. This story stands as a small piece of hope – that no matter how ingrained the grump, there will always remain in every one of us a smile or a laugh just waiting to come out.

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TaleBlade Books - Beasts of Iron

The World’s Greatest Mousetrap

by B.C.R. Fegan


When Reginald finds a mouse in his bookstore, he will stop at nothing to catch the pesky critter. Even if it means building the world’s greatest mousetrap. Unfortunately for Reginald, the mouse always seems to be one step ahead.

TaleBlade Books - Beasts of Iron

Beasts of Iron

by Paul C Goosen


This tale takes place on the merged continents of Earth, now ruled by nature and spirits, and known as The Nether Realm.

Brent, a troubled thirteen-year-old boy, has fled the cruel treatments of his isolated and unusually cruel home village, just moments before a titanic metal animal destroyed it under the direction of the Techs; an assembly of armour-clad warriors, obsessed with the resurrection of machines from the war torn past.

Rescued by a mysterious teenager called Verule, he is taken to the Sanctuary – a village in distant and treacherous woods. Brent soon discovers that he is not a normal person; He is a Zai – a person with the ability to control a powerful natural element, and he is not the only one.

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