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Once upon a time, writers wielded incredible power. The simple quill in the hands of a master, forged entire worlds replete with their own history, lore and grand adventures. Inspired by what could be and constrained only by their imagination, tales were seamlessly woven to create awe-inspiring tapestries of leather-bound print. Children and adults alike were propelled into a world every bit as real as the mundane constructs around them.

In this world, our sensations were magnified. In this world, we could test our courage by standing with heroes against all odds for survival. In this world, we could rise to heights of remarkable greatness, solve seemingly impenetrable mysteries and truly grasp our destiny. In this world, hope would often arise fragile but at all times unbroken. In this world meaning was obtainable, and purpose indelibly understood.

Yet the world of reality fought back.

Our History

TaleBlade Press was established in 2017 with the goal of publishing high quality and timeless children’s, Middle Grade and Young Adult Fiction.

Alluring landscapes that once held the promise of inspiring and life-changing adventure, now lay forgotten. Children, who once dreamed of a life filled with passion, now wake up each day to a world that provides books every bit as dreary as the modern life we endure. We are bombarded with uninspired tales of agenda driven narratives. We are confronted with literary dross that is propelled to bestseller status by nothing more than powerful marketing systems. The promise that we would one day become kings, queens, warriors and heroes has been met with a harsh and repetitive reminder that the best we can hope for is a momentary distraction.

But these worlds lay waiting still. Untouched by modern life and unharmed by the burdens we bear. Free of drifting political agendas, trends and social expectations.

For those who truly seek them, such tales remain. Beckoning us to escape the didactic banality that is thrust upon us. Alluring us to abandon our problems, and take on challenges instead that will echo throughout the history of whatever fable we fall into. Like jewels among the common stones, these tales are rare, and are perhaps becoming rarer still.

Our Team

B.C.R Fegan – Founder of TaleBlade Press

Ariella Black – Managing Editor

Yet there remains hope that the creative genius’ of awe-inspiring tales will once again dust-off their rejected manuscripts, step out of the shadows, and bravely reintroduce their tales to a weary world. There remains hope that these masters of prose will weather the storm of agenda-driven literary criticism, and stand firm in the face of marketing powerhouses. There remains hope that good stories can once again succeed in a world that centres on good promotion.

It is upon this idea that TaleBlade Press was founded. Forged upon the hope that epic and mesmerising tales will once again be readily available. That new worlds will be carefully crafted. That beautiful stories will once more become classics of the future. And that the long forgotten tales of old will be forever remembered as legendary.


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