Our Story

There is an entire world of books out there. Millions in fact. And every year up to a million more are being added to this library. Yet for all this literature, the world faces a major challenge. Our modern books are noticeably changing and it can be difficult to find books that educational, inspiring and imaginative. Even more so, it can be difficult to locate family-friendly children’s books that are embedded in purpose and meaning!

We needed to make a stand.

TaleBlade Press began as a revolution. A movement against the growing state of our literary industry. We see a brighter future and we are determined to usher in a new era. To that end, we are creating an entire education framework supported by high quality, family-friendly, and inspiring books. We want parents everywhere to feel confident that a TaleBlade Press book is a strong investment in their child. And ultimately, we want to build an army of highly educated, highly virtuous, and highly motivated children – excited about their purpose in this world. This is our vision – and we’ve only just begun.

What we offer is something you will not find anywhere else – a new journey, a world of possibilities, and an education embedded in meaning.

A New Journey

TaleBlade Press began in 2017, and we are already proud of our strong achievements. To date, our books have received numerous awards and gathered many great reviews.

We are exceptionally proud that our books are trusted by teachers and librarians, and have been used in classrooms around the world.

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