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A carefully crafted story deserves a well thought out and high quality review. Unfortunately, in the vast world of internet reviews, a small paragraph – or in some cases – a few sentences are all that are on offer. It can be discouraging to spend years perfecting a tale of immense proportion, only to have it summed up as ‘an enjoyable read.’

For authors who want a quality review to match their quality work, TaleBlade offers a unique service. Each month, a small number of submitted books are assessed for excellence, and their authors are offered the opportunity for a full review. These reviews are displayed on the news and reviews section of our website and are available to be used by an author or their Publishing House.

Currently TaleBlade is not accepting submissions.

We are instead, scouring the world ourselves for classic tales of mastery.

Review Policy



At its heart, our review policy is simple: To share our excitement of great books with the world.

Yet, as every book-reviewer knows, reviews without guidelines can create a floodgate of requests that make filtering the good from the bad a difficult task indeed.

As a consequence of this, there are a growing number of reviewers who have felt the need to create submission barriers in an effort to stem the tide of badly written books. For many self-published authors, this barrier is aimed directly at them. As disheartening as it may be, this approach is actually quite understandable for a number of reasons:

  1. There are far too many poorly written, badly edited and unprofessionally presented books by self-published authors. This is not to say that there are also some gems out there, but most reviewers simply don’t have the time to wade through them all in order to find those rare treasures.
  2. Generally speaking, agents are professional and have a reputation to maintain. This means that requests, feedback and any potential complaints are dealt with pleasantly. On the other hand, some self-published authors can be quite aggressive with their marketing approach and may in fact be quite unprofessional or discourteous in their communications. Dealing with these situations is something most reviewers prefer to avoid.

Unfortunately, restricting book-reviews to represented authors, means that reviewers can be perpetuating the problem of marketing over mastery. We end up with the overexposure of mediocre literature without providing the same level of opportunities to the literary masters who possess little-to-no marketing experience. It’s heartening to know, that most reviewers will concede it is not a perfect process. The problem however, is that there doesn’t appear to be a more effective system available to use. Or is there?

We think there is.

TaleBlade Review Gateway

Our review policy is simple: To share our excitement of great books with the world.

TaleBlade Review Gateway

Review Gateways


Rather than create an outright barrier, TaleBlade has simply designed a series of strong gateways. These gateways mean that we can accept reviews from anyone – represented or self-published. It gives everyone the same opportunity, but provides us with the tools for quality control. Essentially, it means that if an author is willing to go to the effort – we want to give them the opportunity. These are the gateways:

  1. The first gateway represents reflection. It is simply a self-check to ensure that you are providing us a book that adheres to our submission guidelines. This checklist is the very first thing we look at before we consider any other element. Anything that falls outside the guidelines is not considered for review.
  2. The second gateway represents a test of professionalism and creative thought. Writers whose books have managed to pass the first gateway are invited to submit an email with an attached sell-sheet. We will be in contact with authors or their representatives that we deem offer professional communication and a compelling story.
  3. The final gateway represents humility. Letting go any remaining hesitations, and subjecting yourself to the possibility of criticism. At this gateway, you are invited to submit the Advanced Reader Copy (ARC) or Published Copy in electronic format. These copies are assessed based on our evaluation guidelines. Our evaluation guidelines allow us consider each submission by the same measurement.

Most writers will decide not to go through this process. It sounds a little longer than simply throwing your ARC at a review website and hoping for a positive response. That’s okay. It’s exactly what these gateways are designed to do. At the end of the day though, there is nothing being asked of aspiring writers that shouldn’t be part of their book strategy for publishing anyway. However, for those who do decide to proceed, it should also be worth remembering that this is one of those occasions where the dedicated are guaranteed far less competition.

We understand that our review policy is quite unique, but we want to be as fair as we can. We believe all writers dedicated to the art of storytelling should be given an equal opportunity for an in-depth review. There are no costs for these reviews, only a commitment to good writing, an attention to detail and a dedication to professionalism.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Submission Guidelines

  • Follow our submission gateways exactly. Failure to adhere to these gateways is a good way of proving that you do not pay attention to detail.
  • From time to time, submissions will be closed. This is often to provide us the time to do some exploring ourselves. Any submissions received during this time will not be considered or responded to.
  • Submitting story’s that do not adhere to these guidelines is not a case of ‘nothing-to-lose’. We understand that sometimes people make errors. However blatant disregard for the guidelines may result in blacklisting for the offending author or their representatives.
  • Books must be complete. We do not accept partially completed manuscripts.
  • If you wish to submit a book that is not the first in a series, we will also require copies of all preceding books.
  • Unsuccessful books may not receive a response. If you have not received a response one month after submitting the required documents for any of the three gateways, it may be an indication that you have been unsuccessful.
  • Queries on a submission status will not be responded to.

What we Accept

We only accept:

  • Children’s picture books or teen fiction

We do not accept:

  • Books containing profanity
  • Books containing any type of sexual content
  • Books that set an agenda as their driving force

Evaluation Guidelines

  • Quality and detail of illustrations
  • Attention to detail with choice of font, size colour and placement
  • Imagination
  • Ambience
  • Professional dealings
  • Quality of story (syntax and storyline)

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