Authors seeking Resources

There is a beauty to artisanal publishing, but there is also a curse. Authors who have spent years constructing awe-inspiring worlds and agonising over every sentence also tend to have other perfectionist qualities. This often extends to publishing. The phrase, ‘if you want things done right, do it yourself,’ means that anything short of doing everything will result in disappointment at some level.

While we are proud of our own unique services, we get that sometimes authors want the experience or control of doing it themselves. If this is you – great! We would still love to do everything we can to give you a hand. After all, we are more excited about seeing amazing stories in the marketplace than trying to be the gatekeeper of every new and inspiring book.

No matter where you are in your authorship journey, here at TaleBlade Press, we have created some simple tools that are designed to take you from your first idea to your published dream. Think of these resources as a one-stop-shop for the serious artisanal author.

Crafting the Story

  1. The role of the storyteller
  2. The beauty of books
  3. An author’s reality
  4. Coming up with an idea
  5. Writing style
  6. Finding time to write
  7. Finding inspiration
  8. Creating worlds
  9. Creating characters
  10. Putting it all together


  1. Pre-editing
  2. Professional Editing Options
  3. Content and Development Editing
  4. Copy-editing
  5. Proof-editing
  6. Proofreading


  1. Graphics
  2. Cover Design
  3. Interior Design
  4. Formats for Publishing


  1. Deciding on an agent and/or publisher
  2. ISBN’s
  3. Submitting your book to online sellers
  4. Submitting your book to bookstores and libraries


  1. Understanding the process
  2. Creating a marketing plan
  3. Building your brand
  4. Building your platform
  5. Generating initial interest
  6. Building your primary drivers
  7. Building your secondary drivers
  8. Marketing tactics

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