What distinguishes our authors from other Publishing Houses, is that our emphasis remains firmly on writing quality and professionalism rather than marketability. This was in fact, how many Publishing Houses used to be. Once the ringleaders of risk, Publishing Houses would scour the lands for quality tales and inspiring prose. They would assign publicists to an author, and together they would introduce an exciting new book to the world.

However in a world driven my money, things very quickly changed. Talent began taking second place to easy money. Marketing became the largest department in the publishing house, and social proof became the largest focus for the marketing department. It wasn’t long before we were convinced that the latest novel was in fact ‘a gripping page-turner that accentuated the brilliance of an exquisite wordsmith’, when it was simply nothing more than the hyped result of a robust marketing machine.

Only a handful of masterful writers managed to clamour their way to editorial praise. The remainder continued to write within the shadows – hopeful that one day things would change.

TaleBlade Press seeks to be part of the change that did occur when artisan publishing became a reality. Artisan publishing is really the evolution of self-publishing. It carries with it the accessibility of self-publishing, with the professionalism and reach of traditional Publishing Houses.

TaleBlade Press is part of the new publishing frontier that seeks out talented authors, rather than writers with large online or real-world social platforms. We exist to walk with the wordsmith who has forged fables that introduce us to the magic of hope, rather than push us toward an agenda-driven concoction of uninspired words. Simply put, we want to help authors who are good at writing, but may not have the desire or know-how to take up the challenge of marketing.

Currently TaleBlade is not accepting submissions.


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The greatest tales throughout history are often those with characters that exist in relative obscurity, only to rise (against all odds) to the heights of mastery. At TaleBlade Press, we are always on the lookout for rising masters. We are convinced that standing on the edges of literary acceptance are the Einstein’s of essays, the Mozart’s of manuscripts and the Lincoln’s of literature. And so, when it comes to Representing an author as a publishing house, we want to give everyone an equal opportunity to prove their skills.

We are not interested in fame or followers. This is the realm of other publishing houses. Instead, we want to see dedication to the art of imagination and near-perfectionism in the construction of each paragraph. We believe that the masterful storyteller must build the ambient world around us and bind us with deep emotional connections to every character. Their stories should induce a yearning for the world created and a dramatic desire to share in the adventures. Samuel Taylor Coleridge once said,

“A great poet must have the ear of a wild Arab listening in the silent desert, the eye of a North American Indian tracing the footsteps of an enemy upon the leaves that strew the forest, the touch of a blind man feeling the face of a darling child.”

The same is true for a good writer. We want to be drawn into their world, seeing it so vividly that we barely perceive the words. Only then will we accept the risk and only then, will readers of TaleBlade Press be confident that our next published work will be just as beautiful as the last.

Authors represented by TaleBlade Press have not only been carefully selected, but every part of the process – from editing and design, to publishing, marketing and distribution – has been painstakingly thought out. We are serious about being masters of our own craft and seek to consistently redefine the meaning of artisanal publishing.

Our submission process is simple. We use three gateways to provide us with a manageable process and offer us measurable assurances that applicants fit within the TaleBlade ethos. These gateways also give us a way to open the submission process to authors or their agents. Ultimately, what matters to us is not an author’s expertise in publishing processes, but their professionality and capability in writing.

These are the gateways for Representation:

  1. Send us a query letter and book synopsis – This will allow us to determine whether you have the professional aptitude to work with this particular style of publishing house and give us an insight into your style of writing. Successful applicants will be sent an information sheet and additional resources that will guide them through the remainder of the process.
  2. Send us your completed information sheet and full manuscript – This will generally be the longest part of the process.
  3. Formal proceedings – This is where contracts, negotiations and formal arrangements for the publishing of your book will take place. You can expect to be given an outline of when publishing processes will take place and a guide to help you know exactly what to expect at each step. The culmination of these proceedings will be the publication of your book.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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