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For every piece of fiction written, an equally intriguing story rests silently beneath its pages. It is the tale of an author’s life, his dreams, struggles and victories. It is the tale within the tale. The mystery within the shadows of the book. It is the question that looks beyond the horizons of the narrative itself and asks ‘why should I read this book at all?’

Book publications in all their forms will often seek to explore the realm that exists beyond the simple entertainment value of a good book. These writers have become the gatekeepers of public exposure and the voice of public acceptance – judging a book by its cover, its contents and by the craftsman wielding the quill.

And so it is. Authors today must learn to pen another type of story – their own. With as much intrigue, passion and mystery as the characters they’ve designed for their latest adventure. For like in the world of imagination, there is only one type of story that will hold the interest of avid reader and journalist alike – a good one. It is for this reason that a simple yet comprehensive media page has been designed.


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BCR Fegan
Paul C Goosen


The Purpose

TaleBlade Press was born from the idea that the success of a fiction book should not be subject to established platforms, critical agendas or deceptive marketing systems. Instead it should be determined by how well a book elevates the imagination and inspires the very being of the person engaged in the tale.

Michael Ende wrote in his book, ‘The Never Ending Story’;

“He didn’t like books in which dull, cranky writers describe humdrum events in the very humdrum lives of humdrum people. Reality gave him enough of that kind of thing, why should he read about it? Besides, he couldn’t stand it when a writer tried to convince him of something. And these humdrum books, it seemed to him, were always trying to do just that. Bastian liked books that were exciting or funny, or that made him dream. Books where made-up characters had marvelous adventures, books that made him imagine all sorts of things. Because one thing he was good at, possibly the only thing, was imagining things so clearly that he almost saw and heard them”.

These words essentially get to the heart of TaleBlade Press. Unfortunately, like the world Ende painted in his classic tale, the motivation for writers to create these imaginative masterpieces are slowly being eroded. Good marketing now covers a multitude of literary sins, didacticism has taken the place of simple creativity and the gatekeepers of publishing have become too concerned with the requirement of cultural relevance.

In light of this, TaleBlade Press decided to focus its efforts on building an artisanal approach to publishing.

The Beginning

It all began on an autumn day in 2016. The warm afternoon breeze brought with it the familiar petrichor of a nearing storm. As the sky darkened and the first few drops of rain began to fall, an unexpected explosion of thunder caused Fegan to look up from his small notebook.

For the past few hours, he had been immersed in a world of his own creation. Sitting alone in a beautiful park, he was surrounded by a serene environment that was now growing restless and increasingly wild as the winds picked up.

Fegan’s thoughts shifted. It was only that morning he had been reading about the turbulent world of publishing. The storm now gave him the perfect metaphor for the processes he would soon have to endure. Only behind the strongest trees would one be insulated from the storm, and only through the strong and weathered publishing houses, would one be assured of relative success. At least that’s how it used to be.

Fegan cast his eyes to the side and noticed a small shoot growing from the ground nearby. Over the last few years, independent publishing had begun to take root. Not nearly as strong, they yet provided greater freedom and more opportunities. Encouragingly, the small shoot was enduring the storm with as much resilience as the grand oaks that surrounded it.

It could certainly be done. Rather than bind his work to an established publishing house, he could create his own. There already appeared to be an increasing number of well-known authors abandoning the traditional publishing house for the flexibility of their own. Why not simply skip the months of writing letters to agents and publishers, negotiating small percentages and replacing swaths of creative text with commercial viability. On the other hand, the one benefit that a publishing house would bring was the simplicity of unburdening the hard work of editing, publishing and marketing to someone else. Simply focusing on writing was certainly an attractive proposition.

However, at the end of the day, there was not a single publishing house that would be as dedicated to his tales as he was. Being determined, a perfectionist, and not afraid of the work involved, Fegan made up his mind to begin his own publishing house. He would only have to start small. In time, his dedication to comprehensive research should see all aspects of the publishing house grow stronger.

He had no doubt that other authors would be interested in the same level of quality publishing, and he wanted to eventually be in a position to help them as well.

Fegan slowly stood up. The storm around him was now tempestuous. The rain had become so intense, that there was no way he could now walk home without getting completely soaked. It didn’t matter. He was about to embark on a new adventure. One that excited him – and no real adventure was a leisurely stroll through the park.

The journey from here

2016 has seen the foundations for TaleBlade firmly established. Fegan has always believed that anything worth doing is worth doing right. There has been a great deal of learning, much preparation and a lot of forward thinking. As the structures for the new publishing house have been put up, many of his books have simultaneously begun going through the necessary processes for publishing. May 1st 2017 will mark the official launch of TaleBlade Press and will coincide with his first available book.

2017 is already shaping up to be a big year. Multiple books will be launched and the publishing house will be reinforced and built upon. It is anticipated that in 2018, additional services will open up to other writers who are just as passionate to see inspiring tales of imagination stand tall in a world of banal didacticism.

TaleBlade may be a very small shoot now, but it has strong ambitions to weather whatever storms might rage about it. Inspired by the idea that the world needs more fairy tales and books that immerse the younger generation in their own landscape of deep imagination, we are excited to be a part of the new and emerging world of artisanal publishing.

Press Releases

10 December 2016

31 December 2016

14 January 2017

Where did all the fairy tales go?

The Rise of Artisan Publishing

An Australian Fairy Tale

Bloggers and Reviewers

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It takes an amazing person to not only appreciate a good book, but to then take time to share this experience with others.

As many book bloggers and reviewers already know, there is a strange magic in being part of an inspiring adventure that you are able to speak about with fellow travellers (or those about to take their maiden voyage into the world you have just departed from). The delights of laughing or crying in the solitary comfort of a soft chair can for some of us be just as exciting as hearing another share their own emotional experiences of the same adventure.

Perhaps though, what is even more compelling to a reviewer is when others engage with the review and interject their own thoughts. To discover treasures that might have been missed upon the first reading, or hearing about mysteries that have been interpreted differently, or even the flight of imagination that takes place when other readers or reviewers speculate on adventures that aren’t contained between the covers of a novel.

Yes, being  part of a book’s adventure is one thing, but sharing these adventures with likeminded travellers is something else. And so it is with both an appreciation of the reader and admiration for the reviewer, that this particular section is dedicated.

The Reviewer Sheet contains information that will assist new reviewers, provide answers to questions that experienced bloggers might have, and offers suggestions for those who wish to explore TaleBlade books in a few different ways. We hope you find it useful.

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