The World's Greatest Mousetrap

B.C.R. Fegan

When Reginald finds a mouse in his bookstore, he will stop at nothing to catch the pesky critter. Even if it means building the world’s greatest mousetrap. Unfortunately for Reginald, the mouse always seems to be one step ahead.


Publisher – TaleBlade Press
Publication Date – March 1, 2019
Format – Hardback | Paperback | Kindle | ePub
Dimensions – 8 x 10 in (254 x 203 mm)
ISBN – HB 978-1-925810-04-2 | PB 978-1-925810-05-9 | Kindle 978-1-925810-06-6 | ePub 978-1-925810-07-3
Pages – 42 pages | 42 color illustrations
Language – English
Age Range – 4 to 8

Key Ideas:









In the middle of a large and busy city, was a small and quiet bookstore. In fact, the store was so small and so quiet that most people didn’t even notice it. It was an unremarkable and old building wedged between two very remarkable and new buildings.

The owner of the bookstore was an old man by the name of Reginald. Reginald loved books. In fact, he loved them so much that he would often close his store early just so he could sit in the peace and quiet of his store and read.


Warning – Spoilers

Reginald loves nothing more than to read in the peace and quiet of his small but cosy bookstore.

Over the years the city around him has changed. People bustle about, children make more noise and buildings continue to rise higher, but Reginald’s bookstore is his own world. It’s a world where he can hide from the business about him; a world of exciting books filled with new adventures; a world of peace and quiet – until a small and tricky mouse invades it!

Now Reginald must contend with the pesky critter as it evades his attempts to evict it. Yet Reginald’s world is precious and he has no intention of giving up – even if it means building the world’s greatest mousetrap.

Examining the prejudices that we can sometimes have when someone a little different to us enters into the comfortable world of our own making, The World’s Greatest Mousetrap is an inventive tale of the lengths we can go to hold on to familiarity – and the joys we can have when we are instead open to change. Sometimes – just sometimes, those who appear different can turn out to be more like us than we think.

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