Henry and the Hidden Treasure

BCR Fegan

‘Henry and the Hidden Treasure’ is an imaginative adventure a young child has in defending his pocket money against his little sister. Henry constructs elaborate defensive measures that he is sure will stand up to the clever ambitions of Lucy. Little does he know, Lucy has a few tricks of her own.

With a focus on introducing children to the use of ordinal numbers, ‘Henry and the Hidden Treasure’ also draws out some important qualities of being a kid – such as creativity, the value of listening to parental advice, and of course, being nice to your sister.


Publisher – TaleBlade Press
Publication Date – August 3, 2017
Format – Hardback | Paperback | Kindle | ePub
Dimensions – 8 x 10 in (254 x 203 mm)
ISBN – HB 978-0-9953592-4-6 | PB 978-0-9953592-5-3 | Kindle 978-0-9953592-6-0 | ePub 978-0-9953592-7-7
Pages – 32 pages | 32 color illustrations
Language – English | Chinese
Age Range – 3 to 8

Key Ideas:



Ordinal Numbers


Pocket Money


“Early readers should enjoy this gentle picture book’s fantasy elements and its message of sibling harmony, all delivered with a light, humorous touch.” – Kirkus Reviews

“B.C.R. Fegan has written such a compassionate story, full of the type of imagination that children like best: fantastical.” – Readers’ Favorite

“Fegan’s tone is just right…”
“Offering an uplifting message that siblings should be appreciated, not just avoided…” – BlueInk (Starred Review)

“Henry and the Hidden Treasure is a joy to read for young and old alike.” – Foreword Clarion Reviews

“A gem – an excellent story with some valuable lessons for kids. The bright and cheerful illustrations complement to text perfectly.” – The Bookbag



Henry has a lot of treasure and he keeps it very well hidden.

His parents call it “pocket money” and wish that he would keep it in a bank. Henry knows that only he can keep his treasure safe.

Henry has a problem.

His parents call the problem “Lucy”, and they think that he should be nicer to his little sister. Henry knows his little sister is really a secret ninja spy sent to steal his treasure.

But Henry has a plan. If it works, his treasure will be safe forever.


Warning – Spoilers

Journey into the imagination of a young child as he seeks to protect his treasure from his little sister.

Henry’s sister appears to be more than just a little curious about Henry’s treasure. In fact, Henry is convinced she is a secret ninja spy sent to steal it. Luckily, he has devised a cunning plan to hide and protect his treasure.

Henry works hard to conceal his treasure in a secret cave and then sets about to protect it with elaborate mazes, booby-traps, and even a ferocious, pink pig. Yet will his plan succeed? Lucy seems to be just as determined to make her way through every defence Henry has constructed.

As readers make their way through Henry’s defences, they will be exposed to ordinal numbers, and the creativity of Henry’s imagination. In addition to this, the story highlights the importance of listening to parental advice, understanding money and the role of financial institutions, getting along with your siblings, and perhaps most importantly – what the real treasure within a family really is.

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